Borrega   Shot in the Borrego desert, the video highlights a  c onflicted character through expansive expressions of the body, limited by elements of anonymity.  Using a combination of tangible materials and post-production effects, mysterious veils are placed to change the perception of the viewer as well as mirror the character's internal disconnect. "Borrego" is the Spanish word for "lamb". Historically, the animal symbolizes purity, innocence and martyrdom. Glimpses of these characteristics are complexly present, vacillating between states of acquiescence and resistance as well as vulnerability and confrontation as the dancer struggles to connect the "self" to the "sacrifice".    Screened at Otion Front (Brooklyn, NY) for  ribbon round her neck   Direction: Daniel Petersen and Sarah Sandoval  Sound: Nick Klein   
  Hiding Out to Dry  was made in conjunction with  Thick,Wet Hide  and was presented at San Francisco's Roxy Theater as part of Erin Malley's presentation of her dance film "Quake".   Direction: Michael Sandridge and Sarah Sandoval  Cinematography: Michael Sandridge  Sound: Andy Stott